Knit Tutorial - Brioche SSK


This technique is a simple Brioche decrease, that decreases 3 stitches into one. It has a right leaning effect, which makes it the opposite to the traditional ssk (slip, slip, knit) stitch.
To work a Brioche ssk, or brssk, follow these instructions. I have broken them down by one individual action per line, as Brioche stitches can sometimes look overwhelming, when you first look at them.
  • slip 2 stitches individually knitwise (including the yarn over)
  • insert left needle into the stitches and knit together through the back loop
  • transfer the resulting stitch to the left needle
  • lift the next stitch on the left needle over this stitch
  • drop the lifted stitch off the needle
  • transfer stitch back to the right needle to continue with the next instruction.
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